We re-organized things a bit, you may notice a new “Locale” tab. This is where all the country, city, language etc stuff has been moved to. We also added a new sub-tab, called “Regions”, but data only started tracking yesterday for it. When you first click the Locale tab, you will see a new map that we’ve added to the system:

The darker a country is, the more visitors you have had from that country, for the selected date range. You can mouse over any country to get the number of visitors. You can also click on a country which will zoom into that region:

We wanted to add zooming into individual countries, but the API for this product (FusionMaps) is so terrible and inconsistent that it would literally take about 5000 man hours of work to do that. Unless we wanted to spend a billion dollars, there are surprisingly few products of this nature. This one was has the most features and is by far the best looking so it’s what we chose. If only the API was a bit more friendly…

We did however add in support for zooming into the United States, as we do have a lot of US customers. And there was actually consistency here, between the Maxmind database and the API, so it was easy to do. Looks pretty good, although I’m not so sure our international customers will be happy with us only supporting our own country. Sorry 😛

States are part of the “Regions” data mentioned earlier, so you can’t view data for this prior to Sep 18.

For everyone dying from anticipation for goals and campaign tracking, they are already in progress, don’t you worry about a thing now.