We have a lot of great features that will be coming out soon, but we’d also love your feedback on what features YOU want to see in Clicky, or any bug reports, confusing things, interface changes you’d like, etc etc. So leave your comments below (preferred, so others can see them too) or send an email to us.

Here is a list of the main features that will be coming soon to Clicky, just so you know. This was also posted in the help section but we thought it’d be good to have a blog post about it too!

Site Spy – Watch users interact with your web site LIVE! Think Digg Spy, for your web site. We already have this working and it’s REALLY REALLY COOL, but we are trying to make it more efficient so it doesn’t destroy out database.

Public stats – Services such as sitemeter.com have their users’ stats publicly available for visitors and advertisers to see. We plan to make this an option for your web site, but it will be off by default. Also, only the dashboard (“general”) stats will be available, not the actual click log.

IP ignore list – You probably don’t want to see yourself among your own clicks and stats, so we plan to offer an IP ignore list, where you can add any number of IP addresses that will not be logged to your Clicky account.

More user details – in addition to IP address, web browser, and operating system, you will also see the hostname (e.g. 127-0-0-1.portland.or.comcast.net) of each as well as what country they are in.

Track custom data – For example, if your site has user accounts, log their usernames into Clicky so you see them next to their clicks.

Customized dashboard – Don’t care about what web browser or operating system people are using? Take them off your dashboard so you only see the data that you want to see.

Time zones – Right now Clicky is based on US Pacific time, but you will able to set your own time zone per web site so that the times match up with where you are located.