We are testing a new advertising company called Project Wonderful. They have a very unique ad system and I hope it works well for us. We create spots on our site where we want ads and tell PW how many ads we want in those spots, and how big. Then people bid on those spots to have their ad there. Whoever is the highest bidder for any of the 3 spots will have their ad shown until they are outbid.

You bid in terms of how much you want to spend per day, e.g. you want to spend $5/day for an ad on our site. You can also limit how much you spend daily. So you could bid say $240/day but limit your daily spending to $10 – in this case, your ad would be shown for 1 hour per day, unless somoene was bidding more than $240/day. I also really like how the ads can be text or graphical. We want to go the text link only route but will see how this works for now with a mix.

The ads will shown on all stats pages to all free users, on both getclicky.com and freewebs.getclicky.com (which is a dedicated version of Clicky for the 17 million Freewebs users). Combined, these two sites get almost 20,000 visitors and 150,000 page views per day. To see a screenshot of where the ads are located, click here.

Click here to bid for a spot on our site!
Bidding starts at $0 (aka, free).