Update: Kindly ignore this post. Please read this one instead.

By popular demand, we are releasing asynchronous tracking code. This means tracking your site with Clicky will have literally zero impact on the loading speed of your site, because the code won’t be downloaded and executed by the end user until your page has fully loaded. Although our tracking code is on a CDN and should load very quickly already, there has been demand for this, so we are offering it.

Grab a copy of it in your site preferences area.

We are not making this the default tracking code because there are a few gotchas:
– Stats will probably be slightly less accurate (this problem affects every analytics service that offers async support – but we want to be up front about it)
– clicky.log() events that your page fires in the first 500-1000ms probably won’t be logged

These are explained in further detail on the tracking code page, so please read the whole thing before deploying this code!