Well you probably notice some big changes today. We have a new logo, which was creating quite the controversy in our last post. It has been changed a lot from the preview posted there. I know it won’t please everyone but I think it looks fantastic.

The tabs also have some new icons to help them stand out from each other. The date selector (calendar) has been moved into the tab area and it’s so much more useful now. The old one was driving me insane because it was in a different place on every page and didn’t fit in very well. The top 5 has become the top 10. There were some bugs with the graphing on the dashboard that was causing some sites graphs to shrink by about half, and I realized the average and total calculations were slightly off because of a change I had made a while back. All that’s fixed!

Some other things have been moved around a bit. “Web browsers” and “operating systems” have been taken off the dashboard and moved into their own sub-sections of the visitors area. There is also a new subsection there called “countries” that should be self explanatory. Some other sections will also be getting their own sub sections soon. Expect to see “entrance” and “exit” subs for the “pages” section tomorrow!

Update: Lots of new sub sections for you! As promised we now have the entrance and exit pages, but searches and links also got their own sub sections – you can view both by popularity (as was the case), and now chronologically as well, so you can easily see the newest searches and incoming links on your site. I’m also working on a “newest unique” for both searches and links, but it is much more intensive so I can’t promise it will be out anytime soon. Enjoy! 🙂