We’re migrating to a new server infrastructure over the next couple of weeks, which means all of our database servers will be finding new homes. While any given database server is being migrated, traffic processing will be halted, but the server will still be online so you can view existing data. Once the files have been copied, it will need to be taken offline for 10-20 minutes while some rsync’ing magic finishes everything up, then it will be brought back online with its new hardware. At this point it will be anywhere from 30 – 120 minutes behind real time, and traffic processing will then resume.

Anything that interrupts traffic processing is something we’d always prefer to do on the weekend. However, we can only do 2-4 servers per day and we have almost 50 database servers, so that would severely slow down the process. So, we are going to be doing it on weekdays too, and expect it to take 2-3 weeks total. But it will be worth it!