When we originally released the new Clicky a few weeks ago, we had programmed in support for detecting small screens (1024 or less) and moving the sidebar to the top instead, so that you don’t have to scroll sideways. However, there was apparently a serious bug with it and some of you were getting this forced small screen mode even if your browser window was large and in charge.

Well, we think we finally fixed it. However, since we never saw the bug in action ourselves, we need you to help us test this change before making it live. To help test, please visit beta.getclicky.com and tell us if you see it (by leaving a comment here). Don’t just test once though – after you login and view a few reports, completely close your browser and re-open it and see if it continues to happen. Maybe try making your browser window small so “small site” mode goes into action, then close that tab, make your screen full size again, then re-open beta.getclicky.com. We think that may have been part of the problem, the screen size wasn’t being checked properly if next time you viewed the site it was small instead of large or vice versa.

Thanks for your help and in particular if you were one of the ones experiencing this problem with the initial release, your feedback is appreciated!

UPDATE: To clarify, we know that it always works if your browser window is actually small. What we’re looking for here is to make sure that the code does not mistakenly put you into “small site” mode when your browser is at least 1100px wide.

UPDATE: Test is over! All seems well. Thanks for your help!