The number one requested feature we get is to localize our service, and I’m just pleased as punch to announce that as of today, our localization framework is in place.

We have witnessed the success of other services who used a crowd-sourcing model to localize their web sites (Netvibes and Facebook, for example). We recognize the power of this model and have taken the same approach. Anyone with a Clicky account can submit their own translations for any language we offer (8 of them to start off with), or vote upon the translations submitted by others.

If you want to help translate Clicky into your language, click here to get started now. We are offering eight languages to begin with – Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish. More will be on the way soon if all goes well, but these initial eight will cover almost 90% of you so we think it’s a good start.

We’ll be rewarding the top contributors with free Pro accounts, or something else nice if you already have one.

It will be at least a week before any language goes “live”, because we are still implementing the translation system throughout all the pages on our site, and we will be verifying all winning entries – both of these steps take a while. So please be patient. Just know that we’re as anxious as you are to have you using Clicky in your native language!

Hey, maybe TechCrunch will even finally write us up! After all, Michael Arrington has written four posts about Facebook being localized. Four flipping seperate posts. Apparently one wasn’t enough, so I guess localizing is a hot topic! Oh, wait. I forgot… TechCrunch going for just one day without writing about Facebook would be nothing short of a miracle. I guess I won’t get my hopes up 😛