It’s new feature Tuesday!

Better iframe support

A common problem we have is that people can only install the tracking code inside an iframe, but they want to track the parent document, not the iframe. But unfortunately this only tracks the iframe itself. Now I know there are plenty of people who want to track the iframe specifically, but there are way more people in the other camp. So now, by default, our tracking code will detect if it’s in an iframe and use the parent documents URL and title instead of the iframe’s. This is already what most other services do by default.

There is a way to override it though if you are actually wanting to track the iframe on purpose, via the new clicky_custom.iframe property.

[Nov 3 update: This change may have caused general tracking problems for some sites. We tested it, as we always do, against all major browsers before deployment and it worked fine, but something with it is causing problems for some of you, so the change has been reverted. We will look to add it back in the future.]

Copying dashboards between sites

If you have a bunch of sites, you may have created the most awesome amazing customized dashboard ever. And then you have to recreate it for every site in your account. So fun!

Well, now when you go to your customize dashboard page, there will also be a list of all the dashboards you’ve created for your other sites. One click and bam, that dashboard is now copied into the new site. After it’s copied you can edit it if you want, or just leave as is.

Google search encoding

Some change Google made to their URL structure is resulting in double URL encoding, and you might be seeing searches+like+this instead of searches like this. It’s not just affecting us either, I checked my Google Analytics account (gasp!) and was seeing the same thing. As of today, we now just double URL decode all searches before storing them, so this problem is history. I imagine Google will fix it on their end eventually but patience is not one of my virtues.

Black nav bar

We know some of you don’t like this but we feel it’s important to have these links highly visible and easy to find. If you stick something in a footer, no one clicks the links because no one sees them. Two designs ago, when we actually had a footer, as soon as we moved a bunch of those links into the sidebar we added, the number of clicks each one was getting skyrocketed. I’m talking 10-20x as much activity. That’s a good thing.

But anyways, today, I reduced the padding so it takes up a bit less space, and also removed the position:fixed style rule so it’s not always on the screen, instead it’s only visible when the page is scrolled up all the way. I hope that appeases some of you to a small degree at the very least.