Are there certain pages on your site that care about the most? What about specific countries or cities or search terms or web browsers? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could flag the ones you care about the most so you can always have instant access to their stats? Now you can!

When viewing almost any “popular data” report, you will see a star next to every item. Just click on any any star to flag that item as a favorite. Next time you view that report (e.g. refresh the page) all of your favorites will appear at the very top. This makes it very simple to track the specific items that matter the most to you.

For example, there are a number of pages on that we want to know their daily traffic for. Filtering content can take a while if you have tens of thousand of pages so the only real solution for this before was setting up a goal to track a page. But these aren’t really “goals” – we just wanted quick access to the stats for those pages. This was messy and cluttered up our goal report.

This new feature makes tracking your most important stats a nice reality, and is available to all users. Here’s an example screenshot with some of the pages that are most important to us, now at the very top of our content report.