Recent updates to Clicky
We’ve silently been releasing new features and bug fixes over the last 2 weeks. I wanted to let everyone know about the recent changes, because it’s doubtful anyone has noticed all of them.


  • Official support for goals with outbound links or sub-domains
  • “More than once” goals. By default, any goal can only be completed once per visitor. For certain types of goals, this may not make sense. Now there is an option to allow a goal to be completed as many times as it actually happens for an individual visitor.
  • The main goals page can now be sorted by column (e.g. sort by best conversion rate, most revenue, etc)
  • Goal and revenue data now show up in “the basics” dashboard module, as well as when filtering visitors

Visitor filtering

  • More data available up front. When applying filters, we’ve always shown you summary data (the exact same data that’s in “the basics”), but to get more data you had to choose a drop down menu to view e.g. top countries for the filtered visitors. Now we show you top referring domains and top searches by default, as we feel that’s the most important data to most people, but you can choose from a menu to view other data as well. We’ll add a preference in the future to permanently set which data you want to view by default.
  • “Prettier” additional data. When viewing additional data before, it was a custom coded, fairly generic table. Now it’s being sent through the same functions that create most of our graphs so it looks a lot better:

    • Bug fix: Viewing “top links” for filtered visitors now excludes search engine referrers.
    • Bug fix: Comparing one visitor segment to another was broken, now it’s fixed.

Other changes

  • We now track daily values for actions types seperately (page views, downloads, outbound links, and clicks). You can see the daily values in “the basics” dashboard module, click the “expand” link. (Note: Since we only track additional action types for paying members, this link will only show up if you have a premium account).

  • Our new homepage is up, including the testimonials you all gave us back in April.
  • There’s always been an option to hide ISP’s in the visitors list. There’s now an option to also hide them in the main hostname/organization pages. This is available in your site preferences.
  • Tracking code now has automatic support for SSL pages. This probably doesn’t affect many existing users as they have already installed the secure tracking code if needed, but we receive quite a few emails from people who ask why our tracking code generates warnings in MSIE when used on secure pages. This was always caused by using the “normal” tracking code, instead of the secure version. So, now we’ve changed it so it works out of the box with both secure and insecure pages without having to worry about using the “right” code, because now there’s just one code! If you want to use this, grab a fresh copy of the tracking code from your preferences.
  • Fixed a bug with the API that created some data formatting errors when mixing different types together (e.g. tally and popular data, or visitors-list and popular data, in the same request).
  • API requests for “visitors-list” now include the landing page for each visitor.