We have partnered with SheerSEO.com to provide ranking data from Google, Yahoo, and Bing for keywords and phrases that you care about for your web site.

To get started, go to the new “rankings” report under your searches tab and follow the instructions. It’s not feasible to automatically track and monitor every search you get, so you have to enter in the specific words and phrases you want to monitor on SheerSEO. Once you do, you’ll get reports like this in Clicky:

This shows the ranking for each keyword you have setup in all 3 search engines, as well as how many visitors you had for whatever date range you are looking at.

Here’s the really cool part though. You can click on any of the numbers in one of the search engine columns and you will see both the rank of that keyword in that search engine, as well as the number of visitors you’ve had, graphed over the last 180 days. As you can see from the graph below, it’s a very strong relationship. As the ranking gets higher, the number of visitors goes up.

Pretty useful, eh? However, do note that you will have to wait at least a week after you enter your keywords before you can view a historical graph, because they only update the rankings once per week, unless you pay for daily updates.

The only unfortunate thing is that lower ranking is good, not bad, but the graphing software we use doesn’t have a way to invert the Y-axis. We may be looking into replacing the graphing software in the future, for this and other reasons (the API is real P.I.T.A.). Just remember: For the dark blue line, lower is better, for the light blue line, higher is better. Also, note that each line has its own Y-axis – rankings on the left, visitors on the right.

You can also click the number under the visitors column to automatically invoke filtering on Clicky for that search term to view the actual visitors for whatever date range it is that you’re looking at.

Who is SheerSEO?

This company provides a number of other services related to SEO besides just keyword tracking. They are a pay service, but you get a full 90 day trial of the service before you have to pay anything. Their plans start at $7 per month, but Clicky users will get a special discount of just $5 per month if they only want the keyword tracking functionality. Regardless, it’s a great service and well worth small cost in our opinion. Even if you don’t want to pay extra for this functionality, you should still give the trial a shot. You’ll get it for free for 90 days which is the longest trial I’ve ever seen for a web service.

Ideally we’d offer this data for no extra charge (with a Pro or higher plan), but we don’t have the capability to do this ourselves right now. We have been using SheerSEO ourselves for quite a while so partnering with them made sense to bring this functionality to Clicky users. Hope you like!

Update: Originally we stated that we were unable to negotiate a discount for Clicky users, which we really wanted to offer. SheerSEO has come back and said they decided they will provide one for Clicky users. If you only want/need the keyword tracking functionality, the cost will be $5 per month instead of $7. This is a unique plan they are creating just for Clicky users, so we’re happy about that and hope you are too!