We are tracking two new pieces of information for each of your visitors starting today: screen resolution, and language. These are both new sub sections of the visitors section. Unfortunately since we just started this today, all dates before today will be empty for these new sections. Note: Anyone who is hosting our javascript code on their own server instead of using our hosted version, won’t have access to these new features, since they’re coded into the javascript. You know who you are!

The filters box was out of commission for a few days as we reworked it. It’s still not completely done, but it is back and working quite nice. It’s now hidden by default, click the red ‘filters’ link on the right hand side of the visitors main page to access it. There are lots of new filters – country, operating system, web browser, language – in addition to the old standbys. Plus you can invoke the filtering system from new places now – you can click on a country, web browser, or OS icon from the visitors list to automatically filter your visitors down based on whatever you clicked on. This will soon be available from the Clicks page as well, but it isn’t quite yet. Expect it later today or sometime tomorrow. We’ll also have filtering by screen resolution but it’s not quite ready.

Lastly, we got the hook up with a new geolocation database, that includes many more goodies than what we currently offer – we’ll be able to look up state/region, city, and latitude/longitude, and, it’s a hell of a lot faster than our current lookup system. This isn’t in place yet, but should be by next week. Since we’ll have latitude/longitude information, you know what that means right? Yes – a Google Maps mashup is right around the corner, which will allow us to show you each of your visitors location on a nice pretty map for you to click on. It’s going to rock.

Also coming very soon: outbound click tracking. Stay tuned.