The new Clicky Dashboard is designed to quickly and efficiently show you the traffic data that you care about. It is full of live refresh fun (many thanks to the jQuery JavaScript library), and includes the ability to drag and drop the modules to wherever you want on the screen. They’ll stay there forever until you move them again.

The screenshot above shows a number of modules from the Dashboard. Take the ‘Links’ one for example. It shows your top 5 incoming links by default, but also allows you to view outgoing links and top incoming domains simply by clicking the appropriate link. Only that module is updated when you click items, making the dashboard very fast and efficient at getting the data you want.

Trend data from the previous period is shown on the right, in green if your trend is good, or red if it’s bad. If you are viewing a single day, the previous period is the day before. If you are viewing a date range, for example the last 14 days, then the previous period is the 14 days before that.

You can hover your mouse over the trend to see a tooltip that defines the previous period for you and gives you the value. Clicking on the trend is where things get a lot more interesting, though. The module will instantly refresh and show you trend data for just that one item, either from the last 14 days if you are viewing single days, or the last 10 periods if you are viewing a date range. Screenshot

Overall, it’s a lot of fun, especially the trend data. Ideas from the new Dashboard will be implemented into the rest of the site over the coming weeks, so the whole site will work like this rather than just the dashboard.

Please spread the word on your blog! We think the new interface is awesome and we want everyone to know about it. 🙂

I have a bad feeling that our page view count is going to take a nose dive because of this, since module refreshes on the Dashboard aren’t counted as page views, and you can get almost all the data you want from the Dashboard now. I know the page view is dead, but it’s been driven into us, and deep down, we care about it. On the bright side, this will provide me with a lot of motivation to get that Ajax API out the door, so we can log Ajax actions as well as page views!

In development is the ability to pick and choose only the modules you want, and choose how much data is shown within each individual module. We’ll also be adding a Google Maps module. However, these features will be for premium accounts only! Detailed trend data (when you click the trend link) will also become premium only, but is available to everyone right now.

Speaking of premium, a quick announcement: The API and data export have been available to all users for the API contest and also so everyone could check them out. Come the beginning of August, those features will be switched over to “Pro” only. The API will have a few basic features available to all users, though, as is mentioned in the docs.

And finally….. the new functionality in the dashboard is what I’m really, really looking for in a widget to use with our API. I promise you right now that whoever designs a widget that works like the new dashboard will take home first prize in our API contest (unless there’s more than one entry, in which case only the best one will win, obviously!). First prize is $250 cash, a $50 gift certificate, and a free 1 year Clicky Pro subscription! That’s a total of $350 value, for one person. The deadline for entry is July 31, so get coding!