We got this daylight savings nonsense all sorted out. In addition to the timezone, there is now a DST option for each site. There are four options, as shown below:

If you live in the USA or Europe, which is 90% of our users, you will see there are options for you to change DST on or off automatically at the appropiate date. It’s not feasible to do this for every country or nation unfortunately, so for everyone else you’ll have to turn it on and off manually when the change occurs in your country (if you even have DST – I envy those of you who don’t).

Everyone has defaulted to “USA” mode, because that’s where a slight majority of our users are. Sorry if this upsets anyone, but it only makes sense to default to the option that applies to the most people.

While I was mucking around in this area, I also added a feature that has been requested by a few people, and that would be support for the couple of “half hour” timezones out there. When I originally wrote the timezone code, the list of timezones I was using was apparently incomplete, as I didn’t even know there were timezones that weren’t “on the hour”. Anyway, I have added these in, so if it applies to you, change your site preferences, and enjoy.