Heatmaps launched four weeks ago. As we said in that post, everyone would have it for four weeks, but then we would be requiring a Pro Platinum account to continue usage after that point. The reason for this is because the extra bandwidth and storage requirements for this data are significant, which has proven to be the case as we’ve monitored resource consumption since launch.

After listening to your feedback, we’ve decided to add a new plan (Pro Plus) with pricing in between Pro and Pro Platinum. It is the exact same as standard Pro, except that it includes heatmaps.

As of now, these changes are live. So if you are the standard Pro plan, you will need to upgrade to at least Pro Plus in order to keep heatmap tracking going forward.

Note to white label account holders: We’ve had a few of you ask about heatmaps for white label, we are including this feature with all account levels.