When we announced our new video analytics a few weeks ago, one of the things we mentioned is that Viddler was integrating Clicky directly into their flash player – except it wasn’t quite ready at the time. This is really wonderful because tracking video interactions is not quite as easy as we’d like it to be. You have to embed videos with their Javascript API enabled, which is not the default for any service, and then you have to add a bit of extra code so that their API talks to our API… etc.

Viddler, on the other hand, was already using Clicky for their own site and started talking to us a few months back about making Viddler tracking fully automatic. This is actually what motivated us to make this feature in the first place. We knew all these services had APIs but we didn’t really want to deal with them. Of course, we ended up writing libraries for two of the top services (Youtube and Vimeo) as well as a library for tracking HTML5 videos anyways, because that’s how we roll.

Well, the wait is finally over. Viddler has just announced that their integration with Clicky has gone live. Any of you who have at least a Pro account and have Viddler videos embedded on your web site, you should start seeing data automatically in your Content > Video report, without having to do a gosh darn thing.

We’re really excited about this because not only are we one of a small handful of analytics companies to offer video analytics, but as of now, I believe we are the only analytics service to have fully automatic integration with a large third party video provider.