We are just minutes away from crossing the 5 million click mark, and that’s from just 15 days of traffic collection. WOW! Thanks to everyone for using and enjoying Clicky. People seem to be loving the service and that makes us feel awesome!

I thought some general stats might be fun. There are about 800 sites using Clicky right now, in pretty much every country and demographic you can imagine. While a lot of them are blogs, we also have a lot that aren’t: forums, online stores, schools, graphic artists, general information, advertising, and yes, even a few porn sites. Overall a decent representation of the internet as a whole. Although don’t take this to mean anything, it’s far from scientific, but it’s still fun 🙂

1,193,346 total unique people tracked so far!

Average visitor to any site has ~4 pageviews per visit.

Operating systems:

Windows: 1,030,762 (86.4%)
Mac: 63,073 (5.3%)
Linux: 24,209 (2.0%)

Web browsers:

MSIE: 741,142 (62.1%)
Firefox: 375,284 (31.4%)
Safari: 37,229 (3.1%)
Opera: 17,446 (1.5%)

Top 10 countries (only 416,033 of our IP’s have known locations so far)

United States 85,494
France 50,080
Spain 46,018
Venezuela 43,368
Argentina 14,074
Czech Republic 13,826
Germany 11,286
Singapore 11,157
United Kingdom 10,823
Japan 10,504