The new visitors page was starting to become more and more like the sessions page with each change, but it has transformed into the most useful page by far in our opinion, so we decided to replace the old sessions page with it instead. The only thing it doesn’t show anymore is the entrance and exit pages, because that would take more than one line to show for each session. But we are considering adding a checkbox in the filter area to “show entrance/exit pages” which would then add an additional row below each entry, showing the entrance and exit pages. Let us know if you want that feature, otherwise we might not do it, at least for a while.

However, we are definitely going to add a new section called “entrance/exit” or something along those lines, that shows the most popular entrance and exit pages for each date, this will also be on the dashboard below the top 10 referals and searches (which will probably become top 5 so we can squeeze in a bit more info without making the page too long).