We have winners! Sorry these weren’t announced sooner, we’ve obviously had a few pressing issues to deal with. 😉 Thanks to everyone who submitted an entry.

There are a lot of map entries – apparently, this is what people wanted to create. While we do have a map already on our own service, these go well beyond what ours does, and they can also be embedded onto your own site, or (in one case) on iGoogle.

First prize

$250 cash, a free Pro account, and a $50 amazon.com gift certificate goes to Mr. Ernesto Quezada, who submitted two widgets of outstanding quality. One of them is for displaying any “popular” data from your site, the other is a hybrid between that and Google maps. Demos are shown below (note that those are two seperate widgets). We don’t have an official page yet for you to grab this for your own site, but sneaky readers should be able to figure out how to do this by viewing the HTML of this page. However, do note that this could be a bit more secure, as your sitekey is embedded in the HTML. I plan to find a workaround for this.

Second prize

$100 cash, a free Pro account, and a $50 amazon.com gift certificate goes to Bonstio, who created this Google maps widget that can either be embedded on your own web site, or within iGoogle. When you a click a visitor, not only do you see all their details, it also grabs images from their location via Yahoo Images, which adds a nice touch. Note that you will need a (free) Google Maps API key to use this on your own web site.

Third prize

$50 cash and a free Pro account goes to Felix Shnir, for ClickyVision, a 3D globe that shows your last 100 visitors in a fun way. This one as well isn’t ready for you to use yet, as I’ll need to integrate this into our site first. Coming soon…

Honorable mention

A free Pro account for Winston Ford and Doug Mathews, who created Clicky Quicky, a widget for both NetVibes and iGoogle that displays more or less “the basics”, styled after Clicky.

If you are one of the winners, you should have received an email, which includes the question of which email address you want your winnings to be sent to (via Paypal). Please respond to that, so we can get you paid! Your amazon.com gift cert will also be sent to that email address (it’s an electronic one).

We’ve decided to make one other big change too, regarding the API. Rather than limiting lower tier users to a few basic functions of the API, we’ve decided to instead open up the full API to all users, so that everyone can use our widgets. There is one caveat, however – only full “Pro” users have the ability to choose the date. This means that everyone else can only grab data for “today”. The full API with date selection capabilities is still currently open to everyone at the moment, though. But that will be changing soon!