Thank you to everyone who has tested our new beta interface and sent us great feedback on it. The vast majority of the feedback has been very positive, and for such a big change, that’s very promising. If you haven’t tried yet, you should.

We’ve been squashing tons of bugs and adding more functionality this week, and we just uploaded all of the changes. As usual, please test and report on any bugs (by leaving a comment on this post).

One of the biggest changes since the last release is our new user homepage. We heard you loud and clear, you want it to be cleaner and you want your sites above the fold. We used to allow you to hide the forum posts on the user homepage, but always left the blog there because we want as many people reading our posts as possible to stay up to date with what we’re doing. With the new layout, there’s no need for either of those options anymore, because those things no longer takes up unnecessary vertical space, as you can see from the screenshot below. We took all of the most important user links (upgrade, affiliate, etc) and put them in your face at the top, and put the blog/forum posts next to them. New blog and forum posts will also be highlighted in red so you can see when there’s something new to read.

Changes since the last release

  • New user homepage, as mentioned above
  • Shift/control clicking a link should now open it in a new window/tab instead of still loading it via ajax
  • All links that open in a new window should now be fixed (quite a few were broken), except for links inside Spy – those are still broken but we hope to have them fixed tomorrow.
  • Many of the “next page” links at the bottom of reports didn’t work, but they do now!
  • Spy basic has been added back in
  • When viewing “mega” Spy, there is no longer a dedicated Spy “version” of visitors online. It now updates the global value at the top of window instead.
  • We have quite a few javascript files. Most of them (the ones that rarely change) have been consolidated into one large file, which should result in much faster loading
  • Header stats now show up for MSIE or for any browser that loads a stats page directly (a bug was preventing this from happening before)
  • If you had scrolled down and tried to open the calendar, it didn’t show up. Now it is fixed position so it scrolls up and down with you while it’s open.
  • Tons of other minor bug fixes

Things coming soon

  • 1024 support
  • Sidebar menu options only change highlighting when clicked. If you click one, then click back, the old one stays highlighted. This will be fixed.
  • When viewing Spy, it updates the document title with the visitors online, but no other reports do even though we have a dedicated box at the top of every report showing this value. We’ll be updating the entire reporting interface so this is done no matter what page you are viewing.
  • Links in Spy (e.g. clicking an IP address) will be fixed very soon!
  • We’ve had a lot of people ask us, why don’t we move to a native (javascript) graphing engine and ditch the flash one while we’re redoing the whole site? Well, we do want to do this, but it’s a much bigger task than it sounds. There’s a ton of backend stuff that would need to be updated. So I don’t think this will happen before this is officially released. But we want to do this, so it will happen soon!