On Saturday, we’re taking the train down to San Francisco for TechCrunch Disrupt. We’ll be down there for an entire week. We’ll try to be good about answering emails, but unless your message is urgent, your patience is appreciated.

We were really hoping to get the beta finished and turn it on for everyone before leaving, but it’s not quite there yet. The only bugs left that we know of are very minor and are not holding us back, but there’s just a bit more polishing to do. Also, we don’t want to flip the switch and find out there’s some major problem while we’re on the road. We’ve been getting about 1,000 people a day consistently using it, which is great, but once that jumps to over 30,000, a serious problem may surface that we didn’t know about. So, we’re going to wait until we’re back, which will be October 2. We’ll probably spend a few more days working on it and then push it out to everyone.

Here’s everything that’s new since our last beta release:

  • When viewing Spy, it’s always updated the document title to include the number of online visitors, but no other report did that. Now that we’re always displaying this data at the top of every report (which we call “stats header” for short), it’s included in the document title as well no matter what report you’re viewing.
  • Speaking of stats header, Spy will now also update all of those numbers in real time, instead of just visitors online. When viewing any other report, they update once per minute instead.
  • Command-key support for Macs to open links in new windows
  • Clicking on a username or IP address in Spy now works
  • 1024 support – if your browser window is less than ~1100 pixels wide, the sidebar now auto-hides itself. Just move your mouse over it to show the full thing. This is one thing we want really feedback on. Only 7% of our users have windows 1024 or smaller, which is awesome, but we still want to provide a good experience for you. So let us know if the auto-hide thing is good for you. We think it could be better and we will improve it, but for now this is what we got. It’s not really possible to move the tabs back on top, as we were originally thinking, because of the way a bunch of things work together in our new layout.
  • Fixed the popular filters form
  • Fixed bug when filtering visitors by page URL (this was pretty major – any link you clicked on after doing that was completely broken)
  • Tons of minor bug fixes

There is only one major bug right now, and that’s that somehow Spy broke for MSIE. No idea why. And there’s about 10 minor bugs left. We’ll be fixing all of those once we get back, then putting a bit more spit and polish on this bad boy and pushing it out the door.