Clicky Web Analytics is growing fast. We are seeking an additional programmer to help us grow even faster. We are offering $36K yearly salary with health benefits, performance based incentives and the possibilty of a small equity stake.

Please send resume as plain text in email body (no attachments) to jobs at roxr dot net.

* You live in the Portland, Oregon area
* You have at least 3 years experience with PHP/MySQL
* You have designed a relational database and are familiar with index optimization
* You know Javascript, in particular jQuery and “Ajax”
* You know CSS and HTML inside and out, and you prefer to write them by hand because the thought of using a program such as Dreamweaver gives you nightmares
* You have basic Linux skills

Things that would make you head and shoulders above your competition:
* You are a Linux expert
* You have web analytics experience, as an end user or programmer
* You have built “widgets” on top of a third party API
* You have built computers from parts
* You have experience with high-load applications
* The terms apache.conf, my.cnf, and php.ini mean something to you
* You are decent with Photoshop or equivalent
* You have used some form of source control – CVS, Subversion, etc
* You strongly believe Mario Kart SNES is the best game in the Mario Kart franchise