The translations are live! Clicky is now available in Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish. You can set your “global” language from your user homepage by clicking the “edit” link in the top right corner. This preference will apply throughout the entire You can also set this preference on a “per site” basis, from any site’s preferences page, if for any reason you want one or more of your sites to be in a language other than your main selection.

Note that none of the languages are fully complete yet, although a few of them are really close. Any phrase that is not yet available in your selected language will simply be displayed in English instead. Also note that we haven’t fully implemented the translations throughout the entire site yet. It is about 95% on all pages having to do with your stats, but I haven’t gotten it into any of the /user/ pages yet. I’ll be working on further integration throughout the week.

Now that you can actually use some other languages, you may be feeling more motivated to help us translate them. We’ll soon be rewarding the top contributors with free Pro accounts.

We think this system is going to work really well. It auto-updates every night with any new phrases that have crossed the approval threshold, based on user voting. As new phrases are needed, or as we need to change the copy in certain areas, these will be immediately available on the main translations page and will make it into the live service automatically once they have received enough positive votes. This will help ensure all languages stay up to date.

We definitely expect there to be some inconsistencies within languages, and some things that are just plain wrong. Please contact us with anything you notice that needs fixing. One thing we need to add is the ability to assign “admins” to certain languages, so they can add, edit, or change phrases as needed, without users having to vote on them. This will make them more accurate and consistent. If you are interested in being a language admin, please contact Sean.