By far one of our most requested features has been to increase the maximum date range limit of 31 days. We’ve been delaying this because of the performance penalty our servers take when accessing such a large range of data, but we can ignore your requests no longer. As of now the maximum date range has been increased to 1 year. However, because this does take a lot of extra processing, we can only offer it to our Pro members. And be patient. If you do an entire year, it can literally take several minutes to get the data!

We’ll be monitoring how this affects the performance of traffic processing. If it’s too big of a hit, we may have to decrease it to 180 days. I don’t want to do that, 1 year is kind of a magic number, but we’ll see what happens.

Also, the dashboard is still limited to 31 days. Pulling up an entire year’s worth of data for potentially ALL data types might cause our servers to explode, so we can’t offer you that. But on all individual pages other than the dashboard, and including the API, the max range for all Pro users is now 1 year. When you click the “Custom data range” link in the date drop down menu, it will tell you the max date range for that page. On the dashboard it will always say 31 days, but on all others pages it will say 366 (1 extra day for leap years).