Steve Reynolds has spent the last few weeks developing a native iPhone application called ClickyTouch. It looks pretty dang slick and you can download it right here. Steve’s description of the app:

Keep up to date throughout every view of your stats, with self refreshing data such as active users on your site, your bounce rate, average session time and overall comparison percentage versus this time yesterday. In as many cases as possible, data refreshes whilst you look at it! No refresh buttons here!

View the following data in a simple, beautiful summary screen:

Live Active Visitors, Bounce Rates, Time Average, Overall Visitors, Actions, Searches, Bookmarks, Links, Social Media, Goals and Campaigns

We use Android phones at Clicky so we haven’t gotten a chance to play with it ourselves, but the beta testers we’ve seen talking about it on Twitter have all been quite enthusiastic. Let us know what you think.

Update: This is a third party app, not commissioned by Clicky. Hence, Steve is asking a reasonable fee of $2.99 USD for the app. However, all users are able to use it, whether they have a premium account with Clicky or not. Also, the app does ask for your username and password to automatically download and keep up-to-date the sites in your account. One user mentioned they don’t want to share that information with a third party app, however we assure you that Steve is completely legit and is not the type of person who would do something evil with that information. He has been a very long time user of Clicky and just wants to spread the love!