All of you who have moved to the new Feedburner “platform” have been noticing that Clicky can no longer access your Feedburner data. I’d like to rant about the embarrassingly awful job Google did with this migration, but I’ll save my efforts for something more useful. What matters is that it should be fixed if you are on the new platform. If you continue to have problems, please contact us or leave a comment here – but it should be working for everyone now!

UPDATE One of our users asked about why their FB data from more than a few months ago (around when they migrated) had disappeared. I just want to clarify this is a side effect of your migration. When you move from the old Feedburner to the new one, your data doesn’t carry over – you start fresh, as if you had just signed up. I mean, that would just way too convenient, wouldn’t it, to have your data carry over? Surely you weren’t expecting them to spend the 15 minutes it might take to write a script that exported your data from the old database and imported it into the new one?