We just released some updates to the recently announced real time goal and campaign tracking.

But first, an unrelated announcement. Custom data can now be logged incrementally, instead of all at once. Previously when you wanted to attach custom data to a visitor, we only let you do it once. This wasn’t a huge issue for most people but we certainly received complaints about it. So now this restrictions is removed. You can log custom data to visitors incrementally as needed throughout a session, which I know will be really helpful to some of you.

Ok, onto the goal stuff:

New features

  • Goals and campaigns have been added to the API, the mobile/iPhone services, email reports, and Spy.
  • Conversion rates for goals without funnels are now calculated using the total number of visitors from that date/range
  • Unique icons for goals and campaigns! The icon you choose is shown in the dashboard modules, in the main goal/campaign pages, in the visitors list (where it is most useful), and in individual visitor details.

  • In the visitor’s list, we were using a blue flag to indicate a completed goal, and a red flag for an incompleted goal. Adding unique icons made us change this however. Now an incomplete goal has the same icon as the completed goal, but it’s faded out. Example:

Bug fixes

  • Case insensitive matching was only working for wildcard matching, and not exact matching.
  • Trend calculation on main goal page was always -100%
  • Removed dollar sign next to monetary values (not all of you use dollars after all)
  • Revenue totals were incorrect for total amounts greater than 1000.

Two features that didn’t quite make the cut: First I was trying to make a better dashboard module that showed you more info about goals, but I just couldn’t make it look good. I’m a big believer in aesthetics and until I can get it up to my standards I’m not going to release it. Second, we’ve had a few requests for supporting manual goal completion via ajax/onclick events. This proved more challenging than I thought because our tracking script on the receiving end always expects there to be a page view or other action in there somewhere, which wouldn’t be the case here necesarrily. It’s a bit complicated to explain.

I really wanted to get these other fixes and new features out though, especially the new icons, so we went ahead with this release anyways. We’ll try to add these two things into the next update!