There were a few common complaints with our IP tagging and filtering system. First, each entry only applied to a single site. So if you had 50 sites, and wanted to filter out or name a specific IP for these sites, you had to do it 50 times. The other common email we received was that you wanted to filter out a whole subnet, so everyone who worked at an office could be easily filtered out of the their stats with one entry.

Well, your problems have been solved!

Wildcard filtering

You can now enter an asterisk * for the last octet of an IP address to filter out all 256 IPs in that range. For example, 1.2.3.* will filter out every IP address from – We didn’t go super advanced and let you do e.g. or – that just gets too complicated. We think “Class C” IP filtering will be good enough for everyone except perhaps the uber-sysadmin.

Account wide support

Every IP tag and filter will apply to every site in your account, by default. Of course, you can change this default. Every time you enter a new IP you can choose between global or that site only (and you can change it later if you want).

All of your existing tags and filters have been converted to the global system, which we think is probably what 99% of you want. For the other 1%, you can go to tags and filters page and edit the ones you only want to apply to certain sites.