Mega Spy has taken longer than planned to develop but I promise the wait will be worth it. We’re still not quite done, but we know how eager you are, so we’re releasing a beta version to get feedback before we finalize the 1.0 release.

Mega Spy will be a Pro-only feature, but during beta it is open to all users. To be eligible for the private beta (we’ll open it up to everyone else in the next 3-5 days), all you need is an existing Twitter account with at least 10 followers. To apply, simply tweet the following message: is the best web analytics service on the planet!

Or, make up your own tweet, and tag it with #megaspy. For example: – live web analytics FTW! #megaspy

We will be monitoring for these tweets via Twitter’s search engine, and will send a direct message (tonight or tomorrow) to the first 50 eligible participants with instructions for accessing the beta.

UPDATE – private beta is now closed, invites have been sent out to everyone.

Mega Spy still has some bugs, and it needs some speed optimizations, so keep that in mind! It has been tested with Firefox 3, IE7, Opera 9.5, Safari 4, and Chrome 1.0, and works in all of them. Any lesser version may or may not work. A lot more things are going on in the background compared to the old Spy, so a browser with stellar Javascript performance will enrich the experience. MSIE is pretty bad, Firefox and Opera are decent, Safari and Chrome fly. Once Firefox 3.1 comes out though it should fly as well.

Here’s a couple screenies to whet thy appetite. The second screenshot shows my absolute favorite feature of Mega Spy – seeing what pages on your web site people are looking at RIGHT NOW. As people move around your site, the values update on the fly. It’s a blast to watch. You’ll also notice that you can filter the data you want to see by many different criteria. When filters are applied, the entire view is relative to those filters. You can also filter down to a single visitor to watch just them navigate your site, but that’s not shown here.