It’s new-feature-every-day week at Clicky, and today we have something that has been requested a number of times since we introduced the visitor organizations and hostnames. That feature request is to NOT show the organization or hostname in the visitor’s list, but instead just show straight up IP addresses. Today, this feature makes its debut. It’s off by default so you’ll need to hit up your site preferences page if you want to turn it on.

But wait! Before you go and disable orgs and hostnames completely, read on! You see, we added another option that we think makes this feature a LOT more useful. You can now choose to only show the organization if we (Clicky) think it’s NOT an ISP (keyword: think). That’s been one of the biggest drawbacks of this feature, is that a lot of people are ID’d simply by their ISP, such as Comcast, Verizon, etc. That’s useful in some ways but mostly not at all. This new option looks for certain keywords within the organization name and if found, will display the visitor’s IP address instead. It’s not perfect but works pretty good, and it REALLY helps to make “real” organizations stand out in your visitor’s list.

Here’s an example of what a big difference this can make. This is data from one of our own sites being tracked on Clicky:

You can change this preference from your site preferences page (click the “gear” icon in your site’s tab bar, then click the “edit site” sub-tab).

Hmmm… what new feature will be making its debut tomorrow? Only time will tell!!