We added two new much-requested features today: the ability to disable the Ajax navigation or our site, and the ability to force the navigation to always be in a sidebar or always be on top. These are account wide preferences, and you can set them by clicking the account link on your user homepage.

No Ajax

I love Ajax but it’s not for everybody. And it can be slightly buggy sometimes. So if you don’t like, turn it off. Just know this: Clicky has ridiculous amount of Javascript code powering it. The great thing about Ajax is that the entire page is never “reloaded”, so this ginormous amount of code only ever has to be parsed by your browser one time. With Ajax turned off, every click results in an entirely new page view, which means all of that code (over 300KB of it) has to be re-parsed by your web browser. For every page view. The site feels about half as fast to me without Ajax, but luckily I realize that each one of my customers is a unique and beautiful snowflake and hence they have their own preferences.

Forced navigation

By default, our navigation is dynamically placed on either the top of your browser window, or in a sidebar, depending on how big the window is. But some of you always want it in one place or the other. And you get understandably confused when your shiny amazing computer at home hooked up to a 30″ monitor shows Clicky in its full glory as it was meant to be, but your 386 at work with 5 pixels of total screen resolution that your boss got for a steal on eBay shows the navigation in a different place. Now you can fix it by setting this preference.

UPDATE: No auto-refresh

We had a user request the option to disable the auto-refreshing of reports. This happens when you’re away for at least 5 minutes, as soon as we detect mouse activity we refresh the report. This new preference has been added to your account preferences page.

The power is yours!