Now that we ditched Flash, we can make our email reports a bit more exciting by making them look exactly like our web site. If you edit an existing report or go create a new one, there are now checkboxes to choose the format(s) you want, which can be any combination of plain text, HTML, and/or PDF.

A PDF report for any site is essentially an export of that site’s dashboard. We chose to do this rather than the specific data types you selected for the report because the point here is to make the report look like our web site – including the new graphs. Your dashboard is meant to be your one stop customizable overview of your site’s traffic, so it makes sense to use it for the PDF report. The data type options in the email report interface (which are still available, and still used in the text/html versions) are there because we used them to create a new display of your site’s data designed for email. Now that we can just use a replica of our web site, that’s what we’re doing with the PDFs.

One thing we’ll also be adding in the near future is the ability to be viewing any report and just export it to PDF immediately – like you can currently do with CSV/XML exports.

Click here to view a sample PDF report