Have you seen the new Performancing Metrics? Clicky users may notice some rather striking similarities. No, we have not been purchased – they have just licensed and rebranded our software because they think it rocks, and I may be biased but I’m inclined to agree. I don’t know why they chose to go this avenue instead of re-releasing the old Metrics, that is none of my business. But I do know they wanted to release a solid analytics product to their 40K+ userbase, and we fit the bill.

So why would you use Metrics instead of Clicky? One of the main advantages is that it is tied directly to existing Performancing.com accounts. They offer a variety of services to their members, all from one login, and I made sure that the new Metrics fit right in. I think this is a great partnership and I look forward to working with them.

Unfortunately there was a bit of negative reaction surrounding this release. Nothing to do with the product itself, most everyone agreed it was good. Most people just seemed to be upset that Performancing didn’t disclose this information up front, and others thought they had just ripped us off. I don’t really understand this viewpoint, I don’t see why it’s a big deal to rebrand a product, as long as the product is solid. So that was a bit disappointing. Some other people thought that this was just an affiliate thing, or MLM. Obviously we will not disclose the nitty gritty, but I assure you that this is not some sort of affiliate relationship. Money you pay for Metrics goes to Performancing, not us.

But there was still plenty of good to be said around the web. Some examples of people who absolutely loved it:
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Someone even made a screencast comparing Metrics to Google Analytics (digg it). He mainly did this to defend Google a bit, since our comparison chart is a bit on the negative side for Analytics. (Hey, we got a lot of features that they don’t!) But I think it’s a great screencast, and it really drives home the fact that while Analytics is powerful product for “serious” web sites, it is also a confusing mess. There are several points in the video where he is trying to directly compare certain features of Metrics vs Analytics, and when he goes to Analytics to load up the feature, it takes him 10-20 seconds just to find it. He even kind of laughs about it a bit and mentions that it can be a little confusing. That really made me smile, because our product is simple, well organized, and straight forward, and it’s super easy to find the data you want.

So Metrics is doing good. In just a few days time, the traffic to Metrics is already nearly 50% of the traffic we receive at getclicky.com that has taken us almost 5 months to build up. So obviously, people are using and enjoying it. 🙂

Licensing is an avenue we will be pursuing with other companies in the future, in case anyone is interested in offering a rebranded version of our product to their own customers. I know there were a few comments about this in our original payment plan post. We’ll have more details soon!