We’ve had ads going the last few weeks for our free users, and today we have added the sponsors sidebar. Sponsors are going to be shown to all users. We greatly appreciate everyone who has supported us by signing up for a premium account, it has helped us out a ton, but our fee is so ridiculously affordable that it’s nowhere near enough to support us full time! Remember we were originally planning on charging twice as much, but we all know how well that went over 🙂 Sponsors are mainly going to be text ads, so they shouldn’t be distracting. Graphical ads will be limited to 125×125, no animations or sounds.

Continuing along our “ridiculously affordable” theme, being a sponsor fits right in. If you want to drive some traffic to your site, this page has a lot more details, including pricing – it starts at just $10/month for text ads!

Our first sponsor is PayPerPost – we have a lot of bloggers on our system and they have the same target demographic, so it’s a perfect fit. Check out their site if you are interested in making some easy money with your blog!