Our public demo of the Clicky product has always been of our own traffic data. Some people understandably have had a problem with this, because they don’t want their usage of our web site to be publicly available. (Please note this was always in our terms and conditions page, we weren’t hiding this fact from anyone). The problem we’ve had was that our own traffic made such a great demo, because we get a lot of visitors and all the features of the product are used on our site.

But we still agree this needed to change. As of today, all traffic data to getclicky.com is no longer publicly available, including via the API (we changed the sitekey). The public demo is now of our blog traffic, which is pretty small but we don’t run any other sites that get a lot of traffic.

There’s also the fact that a few of our major competitors just can’t seem to stop looking at our web site and its traffic data (yes, we know who you are; Clicky is watching you).

An extra note to people using our API for their own product, many of you have been using our demo site ID/key as the default values, which we agree is a great idea so your widget works even before the user has configured it. Please update your code to use the new demo site ID and key (32020 and 2e05fe2778b6, respectively). If we change the demo in the future, we will always keep our blog traffic publicly available, so this type of change shouldn’t be needed ever again.