Our scheduled database maintenance has been delayed, probably until next weekend (11/24). We didn’t get quite enough done in time to make the changes today. And it absolutely must be done on a Saturday, so as to inconvenience the least amount of people, and then also give the system enough time to catch back up with real time before the week starts again.


In preparation for ourĀ upcoming release, we have to make some structural changes to the database. The web site will be unavailable during this time, as the database is unusable while changes are being made. We’ll still be logging traffic, though!

The plan is to start early Saturday morning (USA PST) and go until it’s done, or we collapse from exhaustion. We expect this process to take about 24 hours and involve many, many pots of coffee.

The new version of Clicky is still weeks away, so you won’t notice any differences when it comes back up. Sorry! But it’s coming soon and it will rock your world.