A number of you have downloads and outbound links on your site that link to an internal script and then redirect to the real URL. Our tracking code has no way of knowing this will happen and just sees these as internal links, and hence, has not tracked them appropriately. Until today. Now you can tell our tracking code that a link really is a download or an outbound link just by adding a class to the link. Easy!

There is now also the ability to manually call our logging function from a javascript onclick event. This is similar to the way Google Analytics urchinTracker() function works, which people use to “hack” GA so that they can track downloads and outbounds, in a way that leaves much to be desired. Anyways, with this new function, you can manually track clicks on any item on your web page, even if it’s not a download or outbound link. I know this will be very handy for some of you. We’re going to implement it soon in a few spots on our site.

All the details about how to use this new functionality are available here: http://getclicky.com/help/customization#tag. Please note that if you are hosting a version of the tracking code on your own server, you must grab an updated copy for these things to work. However, if you’re not going to use this features, there is no need to update.

Also, a few new features in the site management area, which you can see by editing a site or adding a new one. These features strip off index.* and default.* from the end of URLs, and add or remove a trailing slash from all URLs. Both are disabled by default. They are designed to make the statistics for your individual pages more accurate. They are explained in more detail on the site management page.

Major update in the works

It’s been fairly quiet around these parts for a while. I haven’t been able to work on the site much during the past few months because of a number of big things going on. I hate neglecting the site but it’s been necessary! We have a HUGE partnership deal that will be announced next week, with a company who has over 15 million users. This will be a near thousand fold increase in our userbase, and will put us on top of nearly every hosted analytics offering in existence. We are obviously thrilled. Expect an annoucement here next week.

The point is that I’m finally done dealing with all this… stuff. I finally have time to go back to working on Clicky and making it even better. We have a huge update in the works that will contain a few very exciting features, and I know you will love them dearly when they are released. The 1 year anniversary of our public launch is later this month, and we’re aiming to release it all on that date in celebration of 365 days of love. Stay tuned!