Thank you to all of our sponsors we have acquired over the past two months. These people and/or companies have helped us pay the bills, and allow us to offer our free service to some of you and our cheaper-than-we’d-like-to-charge premium service to the rest of you. So a big thank you to everyone listed here!

We previously announced that we would no longer have any graphic sponsors as of May 1, to help clean up the site a bit and keep that clean feel. But Gary Vaynerchuk, an avid Clicky user for several months now, made us a very generous offer. Already being a fan of his show, we couldn’t refuse. Gary is the man behind Wine Library TV, a near daily video podcast about wine. He is very enthusiastic about what he does, and his show is both interesting and funny. If you like wine, check it out! He is also behind WiiTube, a social networking and video site for Nintendo Wii fanatics. He asked me to mention his brother, AJ Vaynerchuk as well.

PayPerPost is an easy way to make some money with your blog. You can “get paid to blog about the things you love,” as the slogan goes.

Spania Sommer is a Dutch site about renting property in Spain.

Help Desk Software Central provides solutions for support and help desks for any organization.

The Sports Trader is “The Diary of a Betdaq Trader”. Ray chronicles his daily “bet exchanges” and his wins and losses for all to see.

App-O-Rama provides “a strategy of completing multiple [credit card] applications at the same time. The goal is to get as many bonus offers and new credit lines as one desires, in a quick and convenient way.”

Richard Butler, The Success Coach helps his clients “discover, achieve and surpass their potential.” Some of his clients his clients include individuals from Coca Cola, Pepsi Co, Kerry Foods, and Aib.

Click2Map is the easiest way to build your Google Maps online. Their innovative rich internet application helps anyone create Google Maps with customized points of interest without writing a single line of code.

Charlotte Web Design will not only build a professional website for you, but will also help your website to be noticed. Their marketing services will ensure that you hit the search engines with flying colors.

Marketing Land is a Dutch B2B Marketing and Sales Blog.

We never expected to reach this many sponsors so quickly, so we have decided to stop taking new sponsors at this time, until some of these expire. We have three links that are set to expire in June, and any of those spots that are not renewed will be up for grabs at that time.