It’s here (for some of you anyways)

The new version Clicky is finally done, and it will be released on Saturday, January 19. We’re still polishing parts of the interface, but it’s feature complete and good to go. To whet all your appetites, I wanted to give a sneak peak of one of the best features, which is the visitor filtering and analysis interface. This is not your grandmother’s filtering system, and it leaves the old, boring, and extremely unwelcoming interface running home to mommy, tears streaming down its face. The new filtering system also works across multiple dates, which previously it did not because it was not optimized to do so. Look closely at these shots, and you’ll see fragments of some of the other features that are part of this release.

When you first hit the visitors page, you’ll see this box at the top:

Click anywhere in the box, and you’re presented with this menu:

When you select any of those options, it loads the top 7 items for your site via “AJAX” for the type you have selected. You can click on one of the top 7, or type in your own option instead at the bottom:

Now let’s say you selected “The United States”. This is where things get a lot more interesting, because we don’t just fitler down the list to US visitors like we used to do, but we’ll also give you some juicy details about this subsection of your visitors:

You can add more than one filter, just click the green + icon again and add another. Here we are looking at visitors in the US who came to our site via google.com. This screenshot also shows how you can change and remove filters on the fly, the menu shown is what has popped up after clicking on “The United States”:

Now what about that “All visitors” link in the top right corner? What, you thought you would only be able to compare this visitor segment against your site totals and averages? Ha! No way. You can compare this segment of visitors against any other segment you want, combining multiple filters in each one. However, this part of the filtering system is for “Pro” users only, because it starts getting pretty expensive (in terms of CPU and hard drive access), even with the amazing optimizations we have made.

So, you click the “All visitors” link, and you are presented with another menu, although you will find it quite familiar:

Let’s say we’re interested in the difference between US visitors from Google (google.com), and UK visitors from Google (google.co.uk). We can easily compare them here!

Hmm, the average UK visitor from Google performs less actions, spends less time, and has a higher bounce rate than the average US visitor. This data is very actionable and will help you improve your site’s appeal to the visitors who aren’t spending much time on it. These are literally infinite combinations of filters you can apply to compare any two subsets of visitors. It’s really a lot of fun to use.

Well, that’s it for the preview. Come Saturday, you’ll be able to use this new filtering interface, along with many other new features too. There will be downtime as we perform some transformations on the database. The users who were affected Monday by the database server problem, you will probably have close to 24 hours of downtime, because of how big that database is. Our other 2 database servers are much smaller (since they’re newer) so they should be down 8-12 hours at most. The downtime will start Friday night (US time) and go until it’s done. Unfortunately this is unavoidable. Sorry! But that’s why we do it on the weekend.