Recently we were inspired by this post detailing how to automatically track (with Google Analytics) all Youtube videos embedded on a page, with zero work required other than including a single Javascript file (or two if you don’t have jQuery).

Our old method for tracking Youtube was really ugly, requiring a good bit of custom code for every single video you wanted to track. We wanted it to work more like what we read above.

So, now it does! The old method still works for those of you who already have it deployed, but the new method is great because it works with the default iframe embed code that Youtube gives you, and it requires pretty much no work on your end.

Head on over to the video analytics docs to see what you need to do to get it working (scroll down, click ‘youtube’).

Coming soon

We’ve got a couple new features we hope to release this week. One is local search support, probably our biggest feature request of all time. Another is tracking clicks on tel: URLs. Another is the ability to click on any graph to view/segment visitors based on what you clicked. Last, Monitage (uptime monitoring) is being finalized, which also means we’ll have up to 1 minute monitoring available and the ability to setup more than 3 checks. Monitage won’t launch this week, but soon thereafter.