The ability to “tag” visitors based on IP address is a very popular feature and something we’ve had for 5 years now, well before we ever started using cookies to better track unique visitors. When we added tracking cookies to the mix, we never updated the tagging system to support them. That was almost 2 years ago but as of today, we now finally support these cookies too.

When viewing the details of a visitor session, there used to be a “name this visitor” link next to their IP address. We’ve reworded this to just say “tag”, but there’s now two of these links: one for the IP and one for the UID so you can click either one.

In site preferences, the sub-menu has been renamed from “IP tags & filters” to “Visitor tags & filters”, and in here you can manage all of them. When creating one from scratch, we determine if it’s an IP or a UID based on the pattern of the string you enter. UID’s are just numbers like 123456 so if that’s what you enter, we’ll use it for UID tagging or filtering. If however it’s standard IP format ( then it will be a normal IP tag/filter as has always been.

That may sound confusing but the good news is that the vast vast majority of you create tags and filters directly from the session details page, so you don’t have to worry about the number you’re actually entering, it’s done for you automatically. It still works that way, so just keep doing what you’re doing and all shall be good.