We’ve had the ability to filter by actions, e.g. exactly 10, or greater than 10, or less than 10, for quite a while now, but we didn’t have the same things for time spent online. Also, we didn’t have double boundary support, e.g. more than 10 AND less than 20, which means we couldn’t link to these filters directly from our engagement reports, something that has always driven me crazy (and you too, based on the emails we’ve received).

All of this is now fixed. It also works with the API, and the docs have been updated.

Time online is specified in seconds. Formats for both parameters are specified as shown below, if you are manually typing one in to filter by, or using the API:

10 = exactly 10
>10 = more than 10
<10 = less than 10
10,20 = range of 10 through 20 (including 10 and 20)