One of woot’s mirror sites is using Clicky, and today is what’s known as a woot off, where one product after another is sold until they’re all out. Normally there’s not a whole lot of traffic, but the woot off’s cause insanity in users who sit and click refresh every 3 seconds, waiting for a new product to be released at insane prices.

All our users combined, we are tracking 10-20 clicks per second right now. And just this site alone added an additional 20 per second to that value. Clicky hasn’t gone down at all but we’re getting some bad timeouts just trying to use it, as I’m sure you are too. We’ve contacted them in hopes they will will remove Clicky from their page for the time being until we have more resources, which should be within a few weeks. We disabled tracking on their account, which helps also, but unless they remove the code from their site as well, we will be getting all these extras hits per second that we can’t take right now!