Our affiliate system is finally ready for everyone to start using. You can earn a free premium account, or cash, or both!

Your affiliate link is now shown on your user homepage. Every user who arrives at our site via your link will be assigned a cookie with your referal ID, good for 60 days. If that user signs up for a Clicky account and eventually becomes a paying premium member (no time limit), you will earn 20% of the money that that user pays us, forever. Example: If they sign up for a yearly account at $14.99/year, you will earn $3/year. It can add up fast, and get you free premium service forever. There’s also a second tier system that earns you 5% of your referal’s referals.

We will be paying everyone via Paypal near the beginning of each month for the money earned from the previous month. There is a minimum payout of $10, so if you’re below that amount, your balance will carry over until you are at $10 or higher. Look for a lot more details about our system in our help section within a few days. We are currently working on revamping it, as it is a bit outdated.

Super kick off bonus! You want an easy $5?

Of course you do! Just write an article about Clicky on your web site and send us a link to it (post a comment here, or email us), and we’ll put $5 into your affiliate account. The only requirements are that it needs to be original, at least a few paragraphs long, and have at least one screenshot. You also need to link to us in the post – be sure to use your affiliate link so you can get credit for any new customers that we get!