We’ve partnered with TwitterCounter.com to integrate their data into Clicky, via their just released API. This service monitors the number of followers you have on a daily basis. Your Twitter account isn’t necessarily tied directly to your web site, but we have so many bloggers and other people who use both Clicky and twitter (us included) that it made sense to integrate this.

All we need is your twitter username, which you can enter in on the site preferences page. Then your follower count will be integrated into “the basics” dashboard module (you’ll notice we also added your FeedBurner count here too):

We also created a simple dashboard module for twitter, if you want to always see the graph by default. (Hot tip: you can also click the red/green percentage next to any item on the dashboard to see its history, including twitter and feedburner):

Check out the Clicky demo to see this all in action!

Anyone have ideas for other third party services that it would make sense to integrate? The two we thought of recently:

  • Google PageRank – unfortunately there is no official API to get this data and Google frowns upon any sort of hax0rz to obtain it. Also this number only changes a few times per year at the most for any given site.
  • Technorati “authority” – this service used to be huge but I don’t think anyone takes it seriously anymore.