It’s been pretty quiet around these parts recently, so in case anyone was wondering if we were asleep at the wheel, the answer is NO! We took a few weeks off for the holidays but have been hard at work on lots of new goodies for the last two weeks. I just wanted to outlay what you can look forward to in our new release, which should be out by the end of this month.

  • Split testing – split tests will be defined 100% dynamically using our clicky_custom javascript object, which means there will be no limits on how many tests or versions of each test you can have, and no annoying forms to fill out. You’ll also be able to define the specific goal you want to track for this split test, so that we only calculate the “best” version of your test based on one goal which is likely desired the majority of the time. Otherwise, we’ll be tracking all goals that occur after this person visits one of your split pages.
  • Dynamic goals – For campaigns, we support both static and dynamic campaigns, so you don’t have to define them first if you don’t want to. We’ll be adding the same thing to goals. One reason is to allow you to have more goals – there won’t be any limits with dynamic goals. Secondly, we think it’s easier to not have to predefine everything. This makes sense especially when combined with our new split testing feature. You will be able to define both your split tests and the goal you want to track for that test on the fly (if you want).
  • Total number of visits per unique visitor – this seems obvious but we’re not currently tracking it directly. That’s going to change so we can quickly query this value for any of your visitors. This will be particularly useful for goals, so you can see how many visits it takes the average person to complete any of your web site’s goals (we’ll be adding this as a new column in the main goal report). We’ll also be reporting the average time too, which will be based on the time of each unique visitor’s first visit to your site.
  • Customizable cookie domain – If you don’t know what this means without further explanation, it probably won’t be something you want or need. But, we have had a number of users ask to be able to set this to something other than the default “”, so you’ll have that option now.

As we develop new features, other ideas or tweaks for those features usually come to us constantly. So, chances are there will probably be some extra stuff other than what’s outlined above. We’ll dive into much greater detail about each new feature in a new blog post when it’s released.